September 13, 2021


83% of German cattle kept in loose housing as of March 1



83% of cattle in Germany were kept in loose housing while 79% of pigs were kept on fully slatted floors as of March 1, 2020, the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reported on the basis of the final results of an agricultural census.


With a share of 65%, floor housing continuing to dominate in the keeping of laying hens. In 2010, the proportions were 74% (cattle in loose housing), 67% (pigs on fully slatted floors) and 66% (laying hens kept on floor systems).


As of March 1, 2020, 34,800 farms in Germany had around 27.8 million housing places for pigs, which was 47% fewer farms compared to 2010 (65,200 farms) with 28.5 million housing places (down 3% in 2020).


The fully slatted floor continues to be the dominant housing method in 2020.


In a ten-year comparison, barns equipped with fully slatted floors increased from 67% to 79%, while only 17% of the pig housing places in 2020 consisted of partially slatted floors (25% in 2010). Other housing methods, such as housing with deep litter or bedding, were hardly represented at 4% (2010: 8%).


Only 1 % of pig housing areas had access to an outdoor run.


- Destatis (Germany)