September 13, 2017


EU increases import duties for corn, sorghum, rye 



The import duty for corn, sorghum and rye in the European Union was has been revised upward to €10.95 per tonne due to a weaker US dollar, and therefore a lower price for American corn.


This revised tariff, triggered by an automatic mechanism that calculates import duties, will avoid putting European producers at a disadvantage, according to the European Commission.


The new tariff, which was published on Sept. 1 in the Official Journal, was arrived at by calculating the difference between a European reference price and the US corn price.


This is the second tariff update for the three cereals in August. On August 8, the import duties went up to €5.16 per tonne due to a global record harvest expected for 2016/17, which resulted in a large supply of the cereal and lower prices in the global market.


According to the EC, Import duties are now fixed from Sept. 1, and will apply until a new figure is required and calculated by the automatic mechanism in place.

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