September 13, 2012


Bangladesh's poultry owners seek approval on bird flu vaccine's use



In order to check possible outbreak of bird flu in the coming winter, Bangladesh's poultry industry owners have sought permission for the use of Avian Influenza vaccine.


Poultry owners said if the government does not permit use of bird flu vaccine by October this year, there is possibility of the Avian Influenza attack which will destroy the country's poultry sector.


Leaders of the Breeders' Association of Bangladesh (BAB) claimed that the government has broken its promise as it pledged to import the vaccine for the country's poultry industry.


Moshiur Rahman, president of BAB said that the minister for fisheries and livestock in June last declared that his ministry will import the influenza vaccine by July this year for using it on a trial basis.


"The ministry has so far neither imported the vaccine nor allowed the private sector to procure it from abroad for using in the local poultry farms," Masiur, who is also the owner of the country's leading poultry farm Paragon Group, said.


The BAB president said: "Winter is coming. Permission is yet to be given. The farmers do not know which vaccine will be perfect for Bangladesh's poultry farms. The silence and inaction of the government is going to affect the struggling industry again."


Fazle Rahim Khan Shahriar, Managing Director of Aftab Bahumukhi Farms Ltd. said, "Bird flu usually appears in winter season. But over the last couple of years it is appearing round the year. So vaccine is essential."


Shahriar said farms cannot be protected only by bio-security, vaccine is a must to save the industry.


"Many poultry farm owners have already become bank defaulters due to avian influenza outbreak in 2007-08 period. They are now struggling to recover from the losses. If the vaccine use is not permitted they will be forced to stop business," he said.


BAB General Secretary Saidur Rahman Babu has requested the government to allow them to use the vaccine in the poultry industry, which faced a loss of nearly BDT80 billion (US$978 million) in the attack of the bird flu since 2007.


Shamsul Arefin Khalid, a Director of Nourish Poultry & Hatchery Ltd. has also urged the government to allow using poultry vaccine.


The leaders of the poultry industry said India, Pakistan, the USA, China and many other countries in the world are using the vaccine to protect their poultry farms.

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