September 13, 2004



Australia's AWB Focus Wheat Flow To Asia


AWB's wheat exports to Asia this year will exceed 10 million tons for the first time. Australia is the world's second-largest wheat exporter, forecast to account for 16 per cent of global trade in the grain in the 2004-2005 crop year.


Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet Union countries will produce an extra 24 million tons of wheat this year, adding to global output that is forecast to exceed demand for the first time in five years, AWB said.


Surpluses from the Black Sea region will probably be sold to countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in North Africa and the Middle East.


"This is one of the major drivers for AWB to focus on increasing exports into Asian markets over the next five years," Sarah Scales, manager of AWB's international wheat business, said.

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