September 12, 2020


Operations at Pilgrim's Pride pork plant in UK disrupted by animal rights activists




Operations in a Pilgrim's Pride pork plant in the UK were disrupted after four protesters from an animal rights group barged in and another set of activists blockaded the facility's entrance on Monday, Sept. 7, at around 4 a.m., The Grocer via Farm's Journal's Pork reported.


The protestors belonging to Animal Rebellion accused the company of forcing its slaughterhouse workers to labor under dismal conditions and giving them no choice but to continue working during the COVID-19 pandemic.


They demanded better protection for the meat factory workers amid the health crisis.


The report said the protestors also blamed livestock farming as the cause of pandemics and climate change.


Police arrested six people on charges of aggravated trespassing following the incident at the packing plant in Ashton-Under-Lyne, England.


Pilgrim's Pride said the activists had affected some of the plant's operations.


A spokesman for the US-based meat company said, "While [the protesters] are an inconvenience to operations, our main concern is ensuring the welfare of the animals in our care and the safety of our people, as well as the protestors who are putting their own safety at risk".