September 12, 2006


US 'grain-fed' labelling plans raising heckles in Australia



US plans to allow beef from cattle that have spent time in feedlots to be labeled as grass-fed is causing concerns in Australia, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) said.


The move would hurt Australia's reputation, which prides itself on being a leader in grass-fed beef. MLA regional manager Michelle Gorman said.


USDA should keep the consumer in mind when it rewrites the rules on grass-fed labeling, Gorman said.


There are people interested in how the animal has been raised and there are other product categories to provide more accuracy as to how the beef should be labeled, she said.


The American announcement comes at a time when sales of Australian beef cuts are growing proving that the grass-fed label is working for Australia.


Critics said the expanded definition would negate the label's integrity and create distrust. In the end, the new definition would end up hurting all beef with the label, they said.

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