September 11, 2020


Nestlé China to boost sustainable dairy production


With a growing focus on sustainable agriculture in China, Nestlé announced on September 10 plans to invest a further CHF 53 million (~US$58.3 million; CHF 1 = US$1.1) in the country.

Part of the investment includes an expansion and upgrade of the Nestlé Dairy Farming Institute (DFI), strengthening its role in dairy farming training and as a sustainable source of high-quality local milk, especially for Nestlé's A2 milk products.

The DFI will also play a growing role in the company's drive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its supply chain. A series of emissions reduction projects at the DFI's own dairy farm will develop and showcase best practices, aiming to explore opportunities for 'carbon-neutral' fresh milk.

Other uses of the investment include promoting the development of local grain cultivation in Heilongjiang province, and strengthening Nestlé's food production capacity in the province.

Nestlé's DFI was set up in 2014:

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