September 11, 2018


Professor Peter Surai to launch his second book at XVth European Poultry Conference



More than 10 years after the release of his first book, Professor Peter Surai announced the launch of his second book, 'Selenium in poultry nutrition and health', during the XVth European Poultry Conference, a social event organised by Adisseo. The meeting will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in September.

'Selenium in poultry nutrition and health' is a comprehensive guide that provides up-to-date information about the role of selenium in poultry nutrition and health.

This book is the fruit of extensive research conducted worldwide to further understand the implication of selenium in oxidative balance, immunity and quality of end-products.

Recent research, which is largely reported in this new book, shows that organic selenium is far more beneficial than mineral selenium to support physiologic functions.

Additionally, the book will be of practical importance to poultry producers, nutritionists and vets, as well as avian/animal scientists, students of agricultural colleges and universities. It is also meant for researchers in areas related to ecology, environmental sciences, and evolutionary biology, among others.

"For 12 years has passed since my previous book was published, and since then, a great body of information related to physiology, biochemistry and practical applications of selenium have been accumulated," Professor Surai explained.

He added, "Many previous suggestions about mechanisms of selenium actions in poultry nutrition and health have been confirmed at the selenoprotein expression levels. Organic selenium concept received more attention and found its way from a niche market to mainstream poultry premix production. For example, commercial poultry breeder diets in most cases contain an organic form of selenium and data are actively accumulated to prove its efficacy in broiler and table egg production. Designer eggs and meat enriched with selenium are already on supermarket shelves in various countries. Indeed, this book presents a comprehensive review of major applications of selenium in poultry nutrition and health."