September 10, 2020


USMEF reviews USDA data: US beef exports rebounded, pork demand from Mexico


According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) July data, Erin Borror, US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) economist said US beef exports has rebounded but remains lower than last year, while there is increasing pork demand from Mexico, KMA Land reported.


She said even though US beef slaughter levels have recovered after COVID-19 disruptions, limited labour among major meatpackers are reducing exports.


Borror said according to USDA data, US beef exports July were at its highest since March, but its lower by 9% or 10,000 tonnes when compared to 2019.


Borror said the beef exports are lower than her expectations, due to not only limited labour but also the impact of high beef prices. Many of the beef prices were locked in during negotations that had take place when it was unsure of US beef production will resume.


The USDA data also showed recent pork export demand has been driven by Mexico, after China and Hong Kong led US pork imports from January to July this year.


Borror said July pork numbers were lower than her projections, but again this was because of limited labour. She said China and Hong Kong accounted for 38% of US pork imports, but Mexico topped the list of US pork export destinations as they regained buying momentum.


She said the future of US beef exports will be affected by the recovery of foodservice operations in key markets. 


-      KMA Land

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