September 11, 2019


US refuses antibiotic-contaminated shrimp imports from India, China in August



From 3 in July, the number of shrimp imports refused entry by the US due to antibiotic contamination dropped to 2 in August, the Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA) reported.


The shrimp refusals were among a total of 72 seafood entry line refusals for that month.


The two shrimp entry lines refused in August for veterinary drug residues were from two different exporters in India and China:


The shipment of shrimp refused from the Indian exporter Ram's Assorted Cold Storage Limited was the 27th entry line of shrimp from India refused so far this year for reasons related to banned antibiotics (/search/?q=antibiotics). It is the highest this year for ay country.


August is the second month this year for China to have shrimp exports rejected by the US. In July, three shrimp entry lines were refused for veterinary drug residues. They were from two different exporters.


In the eight months through August, the Food and Drug Administration refused a total of 52 entry lines of shrimp for reasons related to veterinary drug residues, compared with 53 all of last year and 55 in all of 2017, the SSA said.


Earlier in August, the SSA said that 2019 may turn out to have the highest number of shrimp entry lines refused for reasons related to banned antibiotics since 2016.
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