September 10, 2018


Queensland to export more beef to Japan and South Korea


Ministry for agricultural industry development and fisheries, Mark Furner, will be joined by producers and distributors from North Queensland, Bundaberg, Gympie, Warwick and Brisbane on an upcoming trade mission, which focuses on promoting Queensland high-quality beef andaims to export more Queensland produce to Japan and South Korea.

According to Furner, the trip would further strengthen the Queensland's government's long-standing trade and investment ties in north-east Asia through one-on-one meetings with government officials, importers, industry representatives and visits to supermarkets selling Queensland produce.

"The pure is fact is that the Japanese can't get enough of our mouth-watering beef," Furner stated.

He added, "It is our most significant agricultural export with a value of almost $1.4 billion, which is 84% of Queensland's total agricultural exports to Japan. Of the 76 countries that Queensland sends beef to, Japan is our most important customer."

Thus, the local government is keen to support producers, processors and feed-lotters to boost exports to Japan and attract more investments in the industry, Furner said.

He explained further, "The more people in Japan that consumeQueensland beef, the more jobs will be created in rural and regional Queensland."

In mid-September, Furner will meet with Japanese buyers during a Queensland Beef Lunch in partnership with Meat and Livestock Australia, in Tokyo.

"This visit comes hot on the heels of a trade delegation from Japan and Taiwan that visited several farms and export centres around Queensland earlier this year," he said.

"The cultivation of these ties has meant that we have made strong inroads into the Japanese produce market," Furner shared. "Increasingly, Queensland fruit and vegetables - carrots, zucchini, watermelon-radish, beetroot and macadamia nuts - have made their way on to dinner tables across Japan. This coming summer we hope to see more shipments of Queensland mangoes heading to Japan as well."

Furner will make a similar pitch in South Korea.

Source: Food & Beverage Industry News

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