September 10, 2012


Ukraine to start shipping poultry to Europe


Ukraine will deliver its first poultry shipments to Europe in the later period of 2012.


The chairman of the Union of Poultry Farmers of Ukraine, Alexander Bakumenko said that Ukraine had finally finished all negotiations with EU veterinary authorities and will begin deliveries in October or November.


"All procedural questions have been resolved and the EU Commission has made a decision. Currently, we are carrying out the last negotiations with the World Trade Organisation, and we hope that, in October-November, Ukraine will be opened as the third country for supplies of poultry product to Europe. First of all, we will deliver an egg powder, and also poultry - most likely fillet," he said.


"In 2013, we plan to export 100,000 tonnes of poultry meat in the Customs Union, and we will try and export about 20,000-30,000 tonnes to Europe."


Bakumenko pointed out that one of the main difficulties for the supply of poultry meat to Europe is that a free trade agreement has not yet been signed.


"We have products, but there is still one problem. If we were working in a free trade area, which is currently not ratified, there would be a zero rate for the number of quotas that Europe has given us, and it would be very interesting economically," he explained.


He also said that, so far, Ukraine veterinary services had not received a list of companies that are accredited for the supply of poultry to the members of Customs Union. Currently, only MHP Company had the right to export its products to Russia, and exports about 30,000 tonnes of poultry per year. However, two other Ukraine companies are waiting for the Veterinary Services of Russia to give them similar approval.