Editorial Lineup for
Livestock & Feed Business Worldwide: October 2022

View Point:

- Vaccines: Not the only answer to animal health

Cover Story:

Achieving greater resilience in poultry:

- BASF: New insights into the benefits of phytase - Beyond phosphorus

- Aviagen: Antibiotic-free and reduced antibiotic use in broiler production -Predisposing factors and control strategies for necrotic enteritis

- DSM: 25(OH)D3, a dietary essential nutrient for broilers

- Angel Yeast: Applying Yeamos S in poultry diets


- A look at the Chinese poultry industry's performance in H1 2022

- China's poultry business management evolves from ERP system to cloud

- Company in brief: Cherry Valley Breeding Technology

- High grain prices shape Chinese poultry producers' feed usage in 2022

- China feed additives: Weak trend prevails in August

Special Feature:

- Indian poultry deals with higher feed costs, increased demand for cold chain automation

Interview One-On-One:

- Trouw Nutrition's Adam Banaszak: Tackling feed challenges in Asia-Pacific through an encompassing approach


- Evonik uses epigenetics to trace animal welfare


- SPACE 2022: Showcase of innovations for a market challenged by climate change, geopolitical issues


- AB Vista's Signis stimbiotic launched in Selangor, Malaysia

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