September 9, 2022


Argentina's wheat crop affected by frosts in the last two weeks



The Buenos Aires grains exchange said Argentina's 2022/2023 wheat crop is affected by frosts in the last two weeks, causing some damage, Reuters reported. 


Frost damage exacerbates the effects of the recent drought, which prompted the major grains exchange to lower its forecast for planting wheat from 6.6 million hectares to 6.1 million hectares.


Argentina is a significant exporter of wheat to the world and has assumed a more significant role as the world supply has been harmed by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Argentina planted 6.7 million hectares of wheat in the years 2021–2022, yielding 22.4 million tonnes of the grain.


The exchange stated that areas of core farming zones experienced "yellowing of leaves and some damage to spikes," but added that significant losses have not yet been observed. It was added that the recently rained-on areas were in "good condition."


The impact of the frosts was greater in Argentina's northern regions, where 10% of the planted area is concentrated, it was added, because of the region's prolonged dry spell.


The wheat crop in the South American nation is currently in critical stages of development; harvest is anticipated to start in November and end in January.


-      Reuters

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