Livestock & Feed Bussiness Worldwide: September 2022

Innovative Feeds, Healthly Livestock, Better Profitability
In the multitude of challenges that livestock and feed producers face, one common denominator stubbornly rears its ugly head: high feed costs.
This problem has seemingly worsened for the global feed trade this year with an ongoing war in Europe - which earlier put grain shipments from Ukraine on hold before these were allowed to proceed with extreme caution.
Apart from international - man-made - developments, the adversarial effects of nature are virtually impossible to escape. Available supplies of feed and grain could be easily damaged by climate change and mycotoxins.
Many companies have since provided a slew of solutions for enhancing and protecting feed quality as well as facilitating cost-saving means. Hence, in this issue of Livestock & Feed Business, we feature:
The adversarial effects of nature are virtually impossible to escape - feed and grain could be easily damaged by climate change and mycotoxins.
DSM (page 8): The company introduces the versatile, multi-components enzyme, MultiGrain, that "can extract more value from raw materials" and enable "a feed cost saving of US$6-7/MT of feed". This solution is created for monogastric animals that lack the endogenous enzyme to degrade non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) in a plant cell wall;
AB Vista (pages 10-11): The company champions near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy as a way to produce a "precise, reliable formulation that will maximise animal performance with the least feed cost". It explains about developing better NIR calibration for more accurate readings of feed samples;
FAMSUN (pages 12-13): The combination of "intelligent quality prediction and control technology" with "high-level automatic control" undergirds FAMSUN's aquafeed extrusion solutions. Its H Series Twin-Screw Extruder is a product of this evolution and aims to produce quality aquafeed through a sui generis process;
All these innovations project multiple approaches to protecting feed supplies.
And with cost-saving being a key theme in feed production, their introductions have indeed come at a very critical time.
The full article is published on the September 2022 issue of LIVESTOCK & FEED Business. To read the full report, please email to to request for a complimentary copy of the magazine, indicating your name, mailing address and title of the report.
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