September 9, 2014


Boss of long-time Petersime distributor Cidape retires


After 30 years as head of Société Cidape, Petersime's long-time distributor in France and French-speaking Africa, Christophe Vinchon has retired.

Mr.Vinchon had been owner-manager of Cidape since 1984 when he took over the company from his father Jean-Pierre.

Cidape and Petersime, a leading supplier of incubators and hatchery equipment, have more than 60 years of association.

In 1930, Henri Vinchon, Christophe's grandfather, started a poultry farm and built a hatchery with Buckeye incubators. A few years later he bought another brand of incubator, a "Petersime," manufactured in the USA.

Finding the hatchability of the new incubator higher by about 10%, Mr.Henri Vinchon soon equipped the entire hatchery withPetersime incubators. He also became the exclusive agent of Petersime for France and French-speaking Africa.

In 1964, Jean-Pierre Vinchon, who took over the business from his father Henri, created Cidape, which became thedistributor of all Petersime equipment destined for France and French-speaking Africa.

Christophetook over the management of Cidape from his father in 1984. Heextended his father's network, visiting hundreds of customers in Algeria, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mauretania, Senegal, Togo and even Mauritius and New Caledonia.


By helping them build or expand their hatcheries and providing them with long-term service at the same time, he became a popular personality in the poultry business in the French-speaking world.


With Christophe's retirement,his daughter Alice Vinchon and his partner Christophe Boucault will take over management of the company. The two promised to build on Christophe's legacy by giving its customers in France and in Africa the same excellent commercial and technical support that they got from Cidape all these years.


Mr.Vinchon says he will stay available as an advisor to the new team to make sure that his experience, contacts and friendship with hundreds of people in the hatchery industry are not lost but gradually transferred to the next generation.


Petersime for its part thanked Christophe for the years of fruitful cooperation he and Petersime had until his retirement and wished him many more happy years to come at the same time.