September 9, 2013


Ukraine resumes poultry exports to Russia


Ukraine's poultry meat exports to Russia have risen, following the recent resolution of a trade dispute.
"Everything is fine and our exporters currently have no complaints. The pace of exports is comparable to the normal mode of supply," said Alexander Bakumenko, the chairman of the Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine.

Russia had begun to demand Ukrainian poultry exporters to leave a deposit of about 80% of the cost of shipments. Failure to meet the requirement would mean the refusal of clients in Russia to verify the certificate of product quality.


As most importers could not fulfil this obligation, dozens of trucks with Ukrainian poultry were stuck on the Russian-Ukrainian border.


As a result, the supply of poultry products to Russia, the main export market for Ukraine, fell sharply during the last three months. Bakumenko added that all issues have been resolved, thus removing the barriers against exports of poultry to Russia.

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