September 8, 2023


First case of African swine fever detected in Sweden



The Swedish Veterinary Institute (SVA) has officially confirmed the presence of African swine fever (ASF) in Sweden, marking the country's first reported case after a dead wild boar was located just southeast of the Fagersta district, National Hog Farmer reported.


Authorities are currently investigating the origins of the infection.


Since August 25, a total of seven wild boars have been discovered deceased within a specific area in the Fagersta district. SVA is actively examining samples from another wild boar, and intensive efforts are underway to identify, restrict, and combat the spread of the infection.


One of the initial actions taken is the collaboration with hunting organizations to ascertain the extent of the affected area. This determination is based on a combination of locating deceased wild boars and an understanding of their natural habitats. Initially, all access within the affected area will be restricted.


Swine farmers are strongly urged to review their biosecurity measures and promptly consult a veterinarian if they observe signs of illness or a notable increase in mortality among their animals.


-      National Hog Farmer

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