September 8, 2022


EU nations can now export pork and poultry to South Korea



Following discussions between the European Commission and South Korea, EU countries can export pork and poultry to South Korea more easily, as the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of the Republic of Korea (MAFRA) has decided to remove a longstanding trade barrier which affected EU exports of pork and poultry products, the European Commission reported.


South Korea now recognises the EU's stringent measures to control African swine fever and highly pathogenic bird flu outbreaks, possibly unlocked more than EUR 1 billion (~US$994 million; EUR 1 = US$0.99) worth of trade in the coming years.


Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice-President and Commissioner for Trade, said South Korea's decision to remove restrictions on European exports of pork and poultry should increase export opportunities for a sector that is facing significant constraints.


He said as the European Commission fulfils their promise to support the EU agricultural industry, they will also make sure that premium EU goods are available to Korean consumers. Since a trade agreement was signed in 2011, the EU has closely collaborated on trade-related issues with their Korean partners, adding that by building on this success, the EU hopes to establish a similar positive working relationship with other trading partners regarding the acceptance of the EU regionalisation system.


Stella Kyriakides, the commissioner in charge of health and food safety, said protecting animal health is a top priority, as the EU has implemented strict and successful measures against avian influenza and ASF in the region.


Kyriakides said the resumption of trade between the South Korea and the EU is an achievement and a testament to these efforts, which will significantly benefit European producers in this challenging economic climate. The EU is steadfastly committed to stopping the spread of these animal diseases and to exporting food from the EU that satisfies the highest requirements and offers the best assurances for both food safety and animal health.


The decision made today benefits 14 member states that have been given permission to export pork and pork products, including Germany, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, France, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Slovakia, Austria, Ireland, and Portugal, as well as the 11 EU nations that have been given permission to export poultry and poultry products to South Korea, which are Germany, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, France, Finland, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, and Lithuania.


The Commission applauds South Korea for taking this significant action because it shows confidence in the EU control framework. In addition to benefiting EU exporters, this decision ensures that Korean consumers can continue to enjoy the high quality and secure pork and poultry products that come from the EU. With this choice, South Korea aligns its import policies with its obligations under the WTO and the free trade agreement between the EU and South Korea.


-      European Commission

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