September 8, 2020


Malaysian cooperatives in joint project to produce king prawns in Penang



A joint effort involving 21 cooperatives in Penang, Malaysia, aims to produce king prawns in in Teluk Tempoyak, on the southeast of Penang Island.

King prawns, also known as whiteleg shrimp, are a variety of prawn originating from the eastern Pacific Ocean and are commonly caught or farmed for food.

The cooperative societies, members of the national cooperatives movement Angkasa, have started a pilot project on a two hectares site in Teluk Tempoyak.

The cooperatives also have plans for a project which could involve a RM50 million (US$12 million) investment for a 40-hectare site owned by Perda, a federal development agency for Penang.

According to Angkasa president Abdul Fattah Abdullah, the project would be executed with Asia Aquaculture Holding Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Thai conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co. Ltd. Asia Aquaculture operates seven farms in Malaysia and produces about 5,000 tonnes of prawns a year.

Asia Aquaculture director Mohammad Nor Saat said the king prawns would be reared in canvas tanks. Each tank could produce 4-5 tonnes in eight months.

His team was also in the process of making the project site in Teluk Tempoyak the focus for agrotourism and aquaculture research, he added.

- FMT News