September 8, 2005


Bayer not contesting FDA ban on Baytril



Bayer decided on Sept 7 to end its five-year battle against the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) efforts to ban Baytril use in poultry.


The FDA originally proposed banning Baytril for poultry use in October 2000. On Jul 28 this year, the FDA announced a Baytril ban--its first-ever decision to curtail an agricultural antibiotic use on concerns of lowered antibiotic resistance in humans.


On Aug 26, Bayer, agricultural drug trade group Animal Health Institute and veterinary groups asked the FDA for an administrative stay of the ban's effective date Sept 12, for an indefinite period to allow Bayer seek a judicial review of the ban.


On Sept 2, the FDA denied the request.


Bayer now announced that it has decided not to seek a judicial review and thus will not seek a stay.


The Baytril ban will now take effect as scheduled on Sept 12.

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