September 7, 2015


Ukraine's grain exports at 5.8 million tonnes in first two months of current season



In the first two months of the July 2015-June 2016 season, Ukraine's grain exports recorded a volume of 5.8 million tonnes, according to Oleksiy Pavenko, the country's agriculture minister.


The figure include 1.306 million tonnes of corn, 2.640 million tonnes of wheat and 1.862 million tonnes of barley, Pavlenko said.


Another 324,000 tonnes of grain had been loaded on vessels and expected to depart Ukraine soon.


Pavenko added that the country could harvest about 60 million tonnes of grain in 2015, possibly exporting 36 million tonnes out of that volume. Last year, Ukraine saw a grain harvest volume of 63.8 million tonnes, with 35 million tonnes exported.

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