September 7, 2012


Sino Agro Food buys rights for feeding and breeding technology 



Sino Agro Food has bought the rights for a new commercial feed and breeding technology specially designed for the Sleepy Cod fish, which the firm presently posse.


The rights include a formulation and manufacturing process for semi-floating feed pellets specifically formulated for adult Sleepy Cod as well as a behavioural method for assimilating Sleepy Cod fingerlings to adapt to the new pellet feed.


Also included is an advanced breeding technique that selectively crossbreeds certain species of Sleepy Cod that produce healthier and faster growing fish. The new crossbreeding technology also enhances the breeding cycle and frequency in brood stock under sheltered aquaculture conditions.


Mr. Solomon Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Sino Agro, stated, "There has been a common interest between our subsidiary, Capital Award, and the technology holders to work together since early 2010. We have been providing economic assistance towards the development of this technology. Management is confident that these new technologies will greatly benefit the company in its production of Sleepy Cod by reducing the cost of feed, reducing labour by eliminating the processing of live bait and reducing the grow out time. Also, the company will be able to produce its own fingerlings, raising them to maturity under a protected and contained environment thus lowering mortality rate when compared to existing conditions experienced with fingerlings being acquired from an outside open environment."

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