September 6, 2010


Tajik-Iranian venture launches poultry meat production


Twelve thousand chickens have been hatched out of 15,000 chicken eggs that have been imported from Iran, said Mashokir Nazarov, Ptitseprom (Poultry Industry) National Enterprise's director general.


The new company is involved in poultry breeding and poultry meat production. Breeding of one chicken up to the stage of meat production takes 45 days. During this period, chicken need a nourishing diet to increase weight to 1.4 kilogrammes.


The first batch of chickens is experimental, and within 10 days, specialists will observe their development and their ability to adapt to local climatic conditions. "If results are positive, 15,000 eggs will be imported from Iran every week for incubation," said Nazarov.


The Iranian side has delivered and installed Dutch equipment at the poultry factory in Muminabad, so the company's production meets international standards. Poultry meat will be produced in accordance with market demand. The company's production capacity in the first stage will be 300 tonnes of poultry meat per year.


The Ministry of Agriculture also reported that the allocation of one million Tajik somoni (US$228,242) loan to Tajik investors for the purchase of incubation eggs and fodder still remains unresolved. This issue is under consideration of the Ministry of Finance. To purchase eggs for hatching and to feed the chickens, the Tajik investor in the project needs extra funds worth US$1 million somoni in addition to the already invested two million somoni.


Feeding consists of 12 components, including corn, wheat and soy. Sprats are imported from Iran, Argentina, Kazakhstan and Russia.