Exceptional performance at all stages in broiler production is recognised by Cobb Europe in a new Cobb Champion award for the Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.


The targets are individual farmers and companies whose results - in chick numbers, hatchability or broiler performance - put them among the best three performing flocks within the region for each category.


"Many of our customers are consistently achieving standards that rank them among the top performing in the world," said Tore Mercan, sales and technical director for Cobb Europe. "We have set up this new Cobb Champion status not only to recognise and reward this level of performance, but equally to encourage others to aspire to such achievement."


The award winners are presented with a decorative plaque for display on the farm and a crystal trophy for the production manager, together with a range of exclusive Cobb branded items.

Gregory Hart, head of Quantum Foods breeder division at Wellington, South Africa, commented: "The award does mean a lot to our company, myself and our team of managers and suppliers who form the synergy to achieve these results. The rearing, laying and hatchery managers were present and they, too, mentioned their appreciation and the pride they felt in being part of the team that achieved these results."


The initial winners are:


Breeder performance


South Africa - Eagles Pride (Pty), 148.8 chicks/ breeder to 60 weeks


South Africa - Quantum Foods, 144.61 chicks/breeder to 60 weeks


South Africa - KZN Breeders -RHGB10 142.81 chicks/breeder to 60 weeks (farm manager Lindani Hlongwa, production managers Canzius Le Roux and Alan Ready)




Germany - Wimex, Zwethau farm, average hatchability 90.7% (farm manager Loretta Petzsch)


Germany - Wimex, Falkenhain farm; average hatch 90.06% (farm manager Bärbel Bockschütz)


Broiler performance


UK - Hook2Sisters, Wickham Skeith farm; age 34.5 days, liveweight weight 2.21kg, feed conversion 1.52 (farm manager Nigel Wittrick)



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