September 5, 2008


Chile admits 4.5 percent of hog production affected by dioxins

About 4.5 percent of Chile's pork production has been affected by dioxins, according to Agriculture Minister Marigen Hornkohl.


Following the admission, Hornkohl went on to assure that the remaining 95.5 percent of hog production is safe as farmers apply the correct growing techniques and comply with all necessary precautions in swine breeding.


Hornkohl said the places where the dioxin problem originated have been found and involves 18 farms specifically.


South Korea and Japan have suspended imports of Chilean pork after the discovery of dioxin above the permissible levels.


Consumer organisations in Chile have campaigned to demand pork sold in the domestic market be tested under the same standards as the international market.


Hornkohl assured that the domestic hog industry is committed to solve the problem as it is in the sector's best interest to rapidly overcome the situation.