September 5, 2007


US corn gluten may enter Indonesia



US corn gluten feed may find its way into the Indonesian market, according to the US Grains Council as the organisation continues to develop market and trade in Southeast Asia.


Kim Rameker, Grains Council regional director for Southeast Asia, recently asked Germany-based Toepfer International to donate a container of US corn gluten feed to PT Wonokoyo, an Indonesian feed mill. The corn gluten feed was imported from an Archer Daniels Midland facility.


PT Wonokoyo agreed to use the corn gluten feed in a commercial feeding trial and trial results will be reported as soon as they are available, said Rameker. These results will be instrumental in exporting more US corn gluten feed to Indonesia and other Asian countries, she added.


Rameker also said Toepfer International, a trading company for agricultural products, expressed interest in continuing its relationship with the council by coordinating additional feeding trials with ruminant animals.


Toepfer is also keen if corn gluten can be used in beef and dairy apart from poultry, she said. Rameker also added the council already has plans to help coordinate a feeding trial with a cattle producer in the East Java province of Indonesia using 3 tonnes of donated corn gluten feed from the Toepfer shipment.

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