September 5, 2005


Australia sees continued decline in beef exports to Japan


According to Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA), Australian beef exports to Japan continued to decline over the past month due to low demand from Japanese importers, which depressed prices.


MLA reported that Australia exported 30,378 tonnes of beef to Japan in August 2005, down 14 percent from the previous month. Exports in July this year were already down 4 percent from June.


In August, Australian grain-fed beef exports to Japan totalled 15,663 tonnes, down 12 percent from July, while grass-fed beef exports totalled 14,715 tonnes, down 16 percent, MLA said.


MLA added that Japanese beef importers were fearful of the government's ''snap-back tariff'', which could be imposed when beef imports exceeded a certain quota. This contributed to a build up in stock by importers and a decline in recent Japanese beef imports.


However, MLA did not expect this downtrend to continue in the long term as the Japanese government had already declared recently that the tariff would not be imposed.


Also, the current Japanese ban on US and Canadian beef from the recent mad cow disease cases was expected to benefit Australian beef exports to Japan.

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