September 5, 2003



Cattle & Beef Production in Turkey Decreases


Turkey's cattle numbers and beef and veal production continue to decline even though domestic demand has increased, resulting in high meat prices, according to a U.S. Department of Agriculture attache report posted Sept 4 on the Foreign Agricultural Service Web site.


Due to limited production capacity and a production lag, beef prices experienced the highest increases. The poultry sector, which grew significantly over the past twenty years, is absorbing this unfulfilled demand.


Livestock statistics are the subject of much debate in Turkey, although the declining trend in herd size is clear. It is generally assumed that official statistics (registered slaughter from the large commercial processing facilities) account for about 70 percent of total production, while 30 percent of production is unreported. Beef and veal production statistics are equally uncertain.


Total beef consumption is expected to increase marginally in 2004 and remain relatively flat in the near future. Due to the limited supply, beef and veal prices increased significantly in recent years. Carcass meat prices went from TL 4 million per kg. in August 2002 to TL 7 million per kg. in August 2003. The retail prices of deboned beef are about TL 11,000,000 (about USD 7.85) per kg, chopped beef are about TL 13,500,000 (about USD 9.65) per kg, and tenderloin and other higher grades of beef are TL 17,000,000 (about USD 12.15) and higher in the retail market in Ankara. A year ago, these prices were about TL 7,500,000 (about USD 4.60), TL 9,500,000 (about USD 5.80), and TL 12,000,000 (about USD 7.35), respectively. Price increases are more distinguished in USD terms because Turkish Lira is appreciated against USD by about 16 percent during the last 12 months.

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