September 4, 2018


Cermaq adopts new fish welfare policy




Cermaq, one of the world's leading salmon producers, said it has implemented a new fish welfare policy based on the framework and recommendations in the FishWell report. While it already reports on a broad set of fish health and welfare indicators, Cermaq said this is the first step toward developing key performance indicators for measuring fish welfare as defined in FishWell.


In the FishWell report, a group of scientists summarises the knowledge of fish welfare and recommends how this can be operationalised in production processes, as well as in procedures for handling the fish. The Norwegian firm claimed that it has used these recommendations to enhance fish welfare throughout its operations.


Cermaq said it adopted the new fish welfare policy as it wants its fish to thrive, grow and be healthy. "A fish with good welfare is healthier, performs better and ultimately has better quality, which is essential for the productivity and sustainability of Cermaq's farming operations", it said in a news release.


As fish welfare depends on a range of biological and environmental factors, Cermaq said it "continually strives to meet the needs of the fish, and constant improvement, research and innovation is a part of our company culture".


R&D Director Olai Einen said, "A real change maker for monitoring fish welfare will only be seen when we move towards individualized farming. Then we can monitor and treat individual fish, not the entire stock in the pen. This is where iFarm provides a solution".


iFarm can measure the external fish health and welfare parameters presented in FishWell.

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