September 4, 2012


Argentina may invest US$1.5 billion in corn ethanol
Argentina is likely to invest near US$1.5 billion in its first 20 plants for corn ethanol production.
The plants could increase the total area of Argentina's corn plantations by 10%, and demand some three million to four million tonnes of corn. According to experts, the corn crop could be increased without exerting pressure on the price and the other sectors using corn, such as poultry farms and feedlots, local daily La Nacion said on Friday (Aug 31).

There are at least five advanced projects for corn ethanol, including Bio4 that will start operation this month. The project was developed in the central Cordoba province by agribusiness firm Bioetanol Rio Cuarto to supply 50,000 cubic metres (1.77 metre cubic feet) of ethanol a year to the Argentine market.

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