September 3, 2019


Growing Japanese communities overseas a boon to Vietnam shrimp exports



The increasing Japanese communities in different parts of the world has given more opportunities for Vietnamese shrimp exporters to continue to thrive.


As per the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP), there are nearly 3 million Japanese who live overseas and have formed communities in such countries as Brazil, the US and the Philippines, and the demand for seafood products in these communities is quite large.


"Vietnamese shrimp enterprises have been exporting shrimp products to Japan and overseas Japanese communities in the United States, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan ... and, most recently, the EU market with increasing consumption", VASEP said, adding that Japanese chain restaurants have also attracted more and more native customers.


Japanese-style processed shrimp products are made in Vietnam, including nobashi shrimp, ebi fry shrimp, tempura shrimp, ebi katsu shrimp and pritter shrimp.


With the US-China trade war not abating, Vietnamese shrimp businesses have a great chance to replace the output of breaded shrimp from China.


"Breaded shrimp is great advantage of Vietnamese shrimp as [Vietnam] has a skilled labour force compared with other rivals", VASEP says.


"…Vietnamese shrimp businesses need to set early business planning and early synchronization solutions to take advantage of these chances", it adds.


While Vietnam's shrimp exports in the first half of the year fell 12% year-on-year to US$1.4 billion, according to VASEP, they are expected to pick up in the remaining months of the year when importing countries tend to buy more during this period.

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