September 3, 2007


Dow AgroSciences acquires Netherlands-based Duo Maize

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Dow AgroSciences, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, announced Aug 30 that it would continue to expand its global corn germplasm portfolio and corn business with the acquisition by its affiliate Agrigenetics, Inc. of Duo Maize, a corn germplasm company focused primarily on early maturing germplasm silage applications for northern climates. Duo Maize is based in Rossum, Netherlands.


The acquired technology will further expand Dow AgroSciences' silage market presence in the US, and position the company as a key player in European silage applications, said Jerome Peribere, Dow AgroSciences' president and chief executive officer.


Peribere added, "The Duo Maize technology will complement the breeding programme and germplasm we recently acquired from Maize Technologies International (MTI), an Austrian-based corn seed company."


The agreement includes all of the corn silage germplasm developed by Duo Maize. 


Last year, European Union growers planted about 12 million hectares of corn, making the EU one of the largest corn planting regions in the world.


Duo Maize technology will provide a new opportunity for Dow AgroSciences to build its silage and grain corn business, as well as to expand usage of its Herculex brand portfolio of insect resistant technology for which Dow AgroSciences expects European registration soon, the company said.


US-based Dow AgroSciences LLC provides crop protection, pest and vegetation management, seed, and agricultural biotechnology solutions to serve the world's growing population.


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