September 3, 2004



Brazilian Beef Exports To Russia Increase


Brazilian unprocessed beef exports during July were historically high at 80,190 tons sw, 66% higher than last year. Unprocessed frozen beef accounted for 77% of exports. Major destinations include Russia (13,570 tons sw), Egypt (8,136 tons sw) and Iran (4,116 tons sw).


In the calendar year to July, Egypt was the largest export market for frozen Brazilian beef. However this could change, with the recent focus on the Russian market by Brazil.

Chile remains the largest export market for Brazilian chilled beef, accounting for 49% of the total unprocessed chilled beef trade. However, Brazilian trade to this market could be badly impacted in the near future, once Chile permits beef imports from Argentina and Paraguay. 

Globally, Australia was the largest unprocessed beef exporter in the calendar year to July. Exports totaled 510,022 tons sw, 6% above Brazil for the same period. The common beef export markets in which Australia and Brazil compete with are Russia, the EU and the Philippines.

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