September 3, 2003



Cargill Donates 200,000 Lbs Of Beef To Canadian Food Banks



Cargill Foods's beef processing facility in High River, Alberta, has provided 200,000 pounds of regular ground beef to the Canadian Association of Food Banks (CAFB), according to company statement Tuesday.


"We realize that the situation in the beef industry is extremely tragic, and with this significant donation by Cargill Foods, some good has come out of it," said Charles Seiden, executive director of the CAFB. "During the summer months, food banks across the country struggle to keep their shelves stocked. This significant donation of protein is especially welcome."


As part of its ongoing attempts to alleviate pressures caused by the bovine spongiform encephalopahy, or mad-cow disease, crisis facing the industry, Cargill said it has been working with a number of charity groups to distribute ground beef for those in need.
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