September 2, 2020


China's Inner Mongolia to invest US$60 million into dairy industry


North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will invest 400 million yuan (~US$58.7 million) to promote the development of its dairy industry, according to the regional department of agriculture and animal husbandry, Xinhua reported.

The region will provide full coverage subsidies for high-quality forage to enhance supplies. Subsidies of 50 yuan per tonne will be issued for the collection and storage of whole-plant silage corn, alfalfa hay, and oats in dairy farms, says Liu Yongzhi, deputy director of the department.

The region also plans to import 20,000 cows of improved breeds with subsidies of 5,000 yuan per cow.

Liu adds that the region will offer subsidies of 600,000 yuan for each dairy farm and focus on the renovation of breeding facilities and equipment, forage production and processing, and waste resource utilisation to promote standardised scale breeding.

Inner Mongolia has more than 1.2 million cows, with an annual output of more than 5.7 million tonnes of milk. The region ranks first in China in terms of milk output, scale of its processing industry, and market share of dairy products.

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