September 2, 2019


TEXHA's innovations gain popularity in China


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The representative office in China of the global poultry equipment company TEXHA was set up eight years ago. Since its opening, TEXHA has expanded its presence in the China market according to its development strategy. Now TEXHA is planning to double its sales by looking for sales specialists and creating a storage for compartments.


TEXHA poultry farm equipment manufacturing

China is a very advanced poultry farming country and that is why TEXHA has an interest there. There are over 20 local producers of equipment for poultry, but large companies prefer European suppliers. The main reasons are that most foreign machines are made from better raw materials, and European suppliers provide more types and designs of poultry equipment. As one of the 10 key suppliers in the world, TEXHA believes it has good prospects in China.


There is a full range of equipment made by TEXHA presently in China. TEXHA supplies equipment for broiler growing for four large farms, more than 10 poultry houses for laying hen management, equipment for breeder rearing, and for pullet growing.


ROBOT cage equipment for broiler growing

Now TEXHA is working on a big project for broiler growing. The project includes 28 buildings with the company's innovative technology ROBOT, the core of which is the fully automated unloading of birds from the cage batteries.


EGGoist cage-free equipment for laying hen management

Moreover, TEXHA has confirmed its supply to a Chinese laying hen farm its new system EGGoist. It is a fundamentally different poultry house with an integrated "nests and slats" system on several floors. The open structure of the system allows for the production of cage-free eggs following European and American standards as well as being ready for future changes as the system is readily adaptable.

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