September 1, 2003



CIS Countries Plan to Adopt Unified Rules for International Shipping of Livestock Freight


Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries plan to adopt unified rules of veterinary oversight for international shipping of livestock freight. This is one of the most important issues on the CIS agricultural agenda because it would make it possible to establish standard requirements for shipping and increase security against dangerous cargo and animal diseases being brought into CIS countries.  It was noted that this is especially important in light of European Union expansion.  Participants also discussed the animal health situation in the CIS, the organizational principles for the work of Russia's veterinary service, harmonization of legislation and national approaches to assessing the biological security of genetically modified organisms and feed made from genetically modified products, ways to improve prevention against foot-and-mouth disease and other relevant international issues. The council decided to set up a working group on harmonization of CIS veterinary legislation.
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