August 31, 2021


Cobb: Strategic investments pave path for new products, more sustainable future


Cobb-Vantress has a long history of commitment to investing in research and development, and since 2000, the company has invested in expanding its genetic library and footprint to help improve existing products and develop future products to meet customer needs.


Cobb is always looking ahead to serve its customers using innovative research and technology in a responsible way, the company said.


"Over the past five years, we have invested over US$100 million into R&D initiatives and company owned farms where our programmes are executed," Dr. Aldo Rossi, Cobb's vice president research and development, said. "These investments have provided resources to help strengthen our product strategies and also aided in development of new and improved products."


According to Cobb, the company understands that the landscape of the food and poultry industry, as well as consumer demands, are continuously changing and that building a more sustainable future is paramount.


"Our customers deserve a premium quality product, and it is our goal to offer a portfolio of products that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers around the world," Stan Reid, president of Cobb, said. "Chicken is viewed as one of the healthiest proteins available and Cobb plays a key role in making sure that chicken remains a healthy and affordable source of protein for generations to come."


Investing in innovative technology, new facilities and continued development of new products are just a few of the ways Cobb is paving the way for the future. The company recently secured additional acreage in Tennessee to expand its Dry Creek pedigree farm. The company also secured additional land in China, allowing further expansion of a Cobb grandparent farm.


"We expect to continue to make significant strategic investments in our R&D programme and locations with a robust and exciting list of planned projects already identified for the next 10 years," Rossi said. "We are committed to investing in technologies to measure new traits and to measure current traits even better."


- Cobb

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