August 31, 2012


Diamond V dedicates new global headquarters
Press release

Diamond V, supplier of nutritional fermentation products used to optimise digestive function and nutrition, dedicated its new 17,000 sq. feet high-tech global headquarters on August 24th at its 77-acre Diamond V campus in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 


The new global headquarters sits adjacent to the state-of-the-art South Manufacturing Facility.  Dedicated just three years ago, the South Manufacturing Facility is now undergoing an expansion to accommodate growing demand globally.


With the world population expected to reach nine billion within 40 years, an increase of two billion individuals, food production will need to double. 70% of that increase is expected to result from efficiencies gained through improving technology, says John Bloomhall, president & CEO, Diamond V.

"Diamond V is a key player in answering the world demand for quality feed ingredients to optimise animal nutrition and health," says Bloomhall.


The industry leader in microbial-based fermentation research and technology innovation, manufactures all-natural products in Cedar Rapids that it markets to livestock producers worldwide.