August 30, 2023


African swine fever hits Cocoro Island, Philippines



African swine fever (ASF) has been detected on Cocoro Island, in Palawan's Magsaysay municipality in the Philippines, with 300 swine killed due to the disease, Farm Journal's Pork reported.


ASF was confirmed by Darius Mangcucang, the officer-in-charge of the Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO) in Palawan. Mangcucang said that out of the six blood samples obtained from domestic swine on Cocoro Island, five have tested positive for ASF.


The situation has prompted a swift response from the PVO, which is collaborating diligently to contain the outbreak within the affected areas, preventing its escalation to other towns within Palawan.


Mangcucang said that there's no need for culling as the swine have been killed. Instead, the officers will conduct a disinfection to contain the virus.


To further combat the spread of the virus, stringent measures have been implemented, including the establishment of checkpoints at entry points to Magsaysay. Comprehensive monitoring, blood sample collection, and quarantine assessments will be conducted as part of the containment protocol.


Mangcucang has urged residents' cooperation by refraining from purchasing meat products online and avoiding the feeding of swine with potentially contaminated swill or uncooked food. Residents are encouraged to promptly report any unusual swine deaths or symptoms to the veterinary office.


Victorino Dennis Socrates, Governor of Palawan, has assured the public of the government's proactive response. He said the incident is being closely monitored, and appropriate measures are being taken in collaboration with other government agencies.


-      Farm Journal's Pork

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