August 30, 2022


Beef exports from Botswana suspended due to suspected food-and-mouth disease



Exports of beef and related meat products from Botswana have been suspended as authorities in the country investigate a possible food-and-mouth disease outbreak, Bloomberg reported.


Kefentse Motshegwa, acting director of Veterinary Services for Botswana, said the suspected cases involve animals in the northeastern district close to Zimbabwe. Additionally, all cattle transportation and slaughter within the nation has been stopped.


The restriction on cattle movement comes after neighbouring South Africa took a similar measure last week to control an outbreak of the viral disease that affects cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and other animals with cloven hooves.


After minerals and tourism, cattle exports are the main source of foreign currency for Botswana. Export regulations for beef from the nation are lax with the European Union and Norway.


Motshegwa said the movement restriction aids in the investigation of the disease and will be lifted once it is complete.


-      Bloomberg

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