August 30, 2022


Oklahoma, US beef programme to continue hosting certified cattle sales in state



The Oklahoma Quality Beef Network (OQBN) VAC-45 programme will continue to host a series of certified cattle sales around Oklahoma, the United States, this fall, beginning in November.


OQBN is a partnership between Oklahoma State University Extension and the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association. OQBN is a network of cattlemen, educators, veterinarians, industry professionals and livestock marketers committed to providing beef cattle producers with access to value-added marketing opportunities.


"Many cow/calf producers are preparing to wean spring born calves," said OQBN coordinator Paul Vining. "Now is the time to order OQBN VAC-45 programme ear tags."


OQBN strives to boost communication and marketing efforts within all segments of the beef industry with goals of maintaining and improving the quality and profitability of Oklahoma cattle. Cow/calf producers who participate in the OQBN VAC-45 programme receive marketing and health management certification in Oklahoma and neighboring US states. Benefits include:


    - Potential market premiums for preconditioned calves;


    - Reduced calf stress;


    - Improved calf immune function;


    - Increased calf sale weight;


    - Increased market demand for preconditioned calves;


    - Brand neutral vaccine selection;


    - Third-party verification.


Calves enrolled in the VAC-45 programme are eligible for a certified OQBN sale at sale barns on selected dates.


Cattlemen can also purchase ear tags for enrollment in the programme at the OQBN VAC-45 website.


- Oklahoma State University

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