August 30, 2013


BASF's Priaxor fungicide gets approval for corn, soy use


BASF Canada Inc. (BASF) has received registration for Priaxor fungicide, the first fungicide registered in Eastern Canada containing xemium, for use on corn and soy in Eastern Canada.


"The new active ingredient in the carboxamide family, xemium, allows growers to control pathogens over a broad range of stages," says BASF Field Biologist Rob Miller. "The main difference with xemium is its strong mobility characteristics. It is able to redistribute itself on the plant and leaf surface to provide more continuous and consistent disease control so it can protect the parts of the plant that were missed during spraying."


Priaxor also contains pyraclostrobin, the same active ingredient found in BASF's HEADLINE® fungicide. It not only has control against a range of key corn and soy diseases, but also provides the unique plant health benefits of AgCelence, which include greener leaves and stronger stems and stalks for improved harvestability, better management of minor heat, cold and drought stress and better utilisation of nutrients, all leading to higher yield potential.


The result of combining these two active ingredients is that Priaxor uses multiple modes of action from both Group seven and Group 11 chemistries to provide corn and soy growers with a new tool to be used as part of their fungicide resistance strategy.