August 30, 2012


AgriMarine to supply Chinook salmon to Ito-Yokado



AgriMarine has announced an agreement, in which the firm will facilitate Chinook salmon supply to the Ito-Yokado grocery retail chain.


Previous harvests of Steelhead trout were sold through distributors to hotels and restaurants. However, the agreement with Ito-Yokado marks the AgriMarine's debut into the retail market.


On August 28, AgriMarine's salmon will be available at Ya Yun Cun Beijing Huatang Ito-Yokado with in-store promotions and marketing programmes developed in cooperation with AgriMarine's Beijing sales staff.


These programmes will involve the branding of the product as Chinese produced in pristine waters of the northeast regions. The company plans to ramp up deliveries to supply all 15 Ito-Yokado retail stores in the near future.


AgriMarine is the only company that raises salmon in China with floating closed containment technology. Operational advantages inherent with the AgriMarine Systemâ„¢, including the ability to moderate seasonal temperature extremes, allow for the production of high quality salmon from reservoirs that can be sold fresh, within 24 hours of harvest.


This is a major consumer advantage over the imported Atlantic salmon that is currently available in that country.


AgriMarine's CEO, Richard Buchanan, said: "Ito-Yokado sees the opportunity to offer a salmon product with improved freshness over imports, to their customers in Beijing and they are launching our product in one of their largest stores in a high income community".


He added: "Securing this supply contract is a significant step for the company. It provides protection against price fluctuations, brings significant sales and cash flow, and demonstrates our ability to deliver quality Pacific salmon at competitive prices."

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