August 30, 2007


Ukraine can export 4 million tonnes grain in 2007/08


Ukraine will be able to export 4 million tonnes of grain in the 2007/08 marketing year compared with 9.6 million tonnes in 2006/07, the press office of the agriculture ministry reported Thursday (Aug 30), citing Agriculture Minister Yury Melnik.


Melnik said Ukraine had already exported 200,000 tonnes of grain harvested this year to date.


There is currently a practical ban on the export of grain in Ukraine, and the lifting of the ban is expected in October, when the final results of this year's harvest come in and the balance of grain in the country is drawn.


This year's total grain harvest is expected to be 30 million tonnes, lower than the 34.3 million tonnes harvested in 2006, because of drought, and in 2008, Ukraine plans to harvest 40 million tonnes of grain, Melnik said.


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