August 29, 2023


NOVUS supports broilers with new Scale Up™ programme




Novus International has debuted a new programme aimed at enhancing the financial success of broiler producers.


The Scale Up™ Program for Broilers is focused on improving meat production and carcass quality through sustainably driven intelligent nutrition. 


"Intelligent nutrition is the combination of experienced people, insightful perspectives and smarter solutions that allow us to put more into everything we create," said Dr. Gabriela Cardoso Dal Pont, poultry solutions manager for Americas at NOVUS. "The Scale Up™ Program for Broilers focuses on three focus areas – performance, meat quality and carcass yield, and sustainability and animal welfare. By supporting these pillars through intelligent nutrition, we can positively impact profitability for the broiler producer."


MINTREX® Bis-Chelated Trace Minerals serve as the foundation for the programme. Available in organic zinc, copper and manganese, the mineral is bonded to methionine source HMTBa, which protects the mineral as it travels through the digestive system to the site of absorption, making it less susceptible to antagonism in the gut. This also means that over-supplementation, which is often found with inorganic trace minerals, is unnecessary. 


The programme's strategies, which are customised to meet the farm's goals, include MINTREX® Zn trace mineral (support meat and carcass quality), MINTREX® Cu trace mineral (support performance) and the REDUCE AND REPLACE™ strategy, which is shown to reduce the excretion of zinc (up to 37%), copper (up to 41%) and manganese (up to 35 %).


"Even when reducing total mineral inclusion and replacing part of the ration's inorganic trace minerals with MINTREX® trace minerals, producers can see the same or better results with less mineral in the feed and less mineral excreted into the environment," Dr. Pont said. 


In commercial and research trials the strategies used in the Scale Up™ Programme for Broilers are shown to help optimise the broiler bird performance by:


    - Improving broiler chicken survivability by an average of 1.46%;


    - Reducing the incidence of wooden breast and white striping;


    - Reducing foot pad issues (up to 25%), and skin scratches (up to 25 %);


    - Supporting broiler performance under intestinal challenge;


    - Improving bone strength up to 5.4%.

The Scale Up™ Program also offers technical support, laboratory analysis of feed (not available in all areas), and access to NOVUS' Xpert Link™ Network. The Xpert Link™ Network is a group of industry professionals outside of NOVUS with experience in nutrition, management, health and feed manufacturing. These external partners can provide unique suggestions, recommendations and insights to help NOVUS customers get closer to their goals.


NOVUS executive technical service manager Dr. Bob Buresh, who works directly with poultry customers, said the new programme showcases the company's long-time commitment to results-driven programmes that support the industry in a sustainable way.


"The North American poultry sales and technical service teams are excited to bring this programme to our broiler customers," Dr. Buresh said. "It represents our ongoing commitment to deliver science-based and economically valuable solutions to industry partners.


"Through the Scale Up™ Program for Broilers, we will continue to support our customers' goals of achieving optimal performance and meat quality and yield in an environmentally sustainable manner."


The launch on August 28 was for customers in the Americas. The programme will be available for customers in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa later this year. 


NOVUS launched the Scale Up™ Program for Dairy in 2022 before expanding the programme to swine and poultry.


The company created the programme with the aim of working more closely with nutritionists and producers to help their animals achieve their full genetic potential and meet production goals.



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