August 29, 2011


Adisseo to expand methionine production



Adisseo will execute its European investment programme announced in June last year by expanding the production unit for methionine.


The first phase of this programme will be implemented in October 2011. Adisseo will carry out a very significant part of this work at the same time as the annual maintenance.


Consequently, the entire methionine production chain will be shut down for a full month, which will affect all production sites and will last two weeks more than usual.


The operation aims to build a new unit for intermediate production (MMP) in Roches-de-Condrieu and will improve processes in Burgos, Roussillon and Commentry sites.


The second phase of the investment will be performed in Q2 of 2012 after which the new capacities will be operational.


Adisseo has taken the necessary measures in order to minimise disruptions risks in the supply of Rhodimet to its key customers during the fourth quarter of 2011.