August 28, 2018


Belarus eager to start exporting poultry to the EU


Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy, states that Belarus wants to quickly get its poultry factories certified to begin exporting poultry meat and derivative products to the European Union (EU), during a meet with the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, VytenisAndriulkaitis on Monday.

Rusy also added that five Belarusian poultry factories, which intend to get certified, have undergone several rounds of inspection to ensure it meets the EU requirements on animal health.

Belarus is meticulously dealing with issues raised by EU representatives, Rusyexplained, especially since it aims to expand the entire list of products authorised for export to the EU, which will result in the increase of mutual export and trade turnover.

Among other things, an issue also raised during the meeting was the transit of Belarusian food to Russia's Kaliningrad Oblast, which proves to be a difficult transition at the moment.

"We are open and ready to resolve many issues, including those raised by the EU, with regard to African swine fever (ASF) and other areas," Rusy shared. He also reiterated that tough measures were taken to deal with the aftermath of the African swine fever detected in Belarus in 2013.

In response, Andruikaitis highlighted the dedication and cooperation with Belarusian authorities on matters related to animal health and suggested to step up the exchange of information about oversight over incidence rate in animals as well as cooperation in diagnosing such diseases.

Belarus-EU trans-boundary cooperation in animal health oversight has been going on for several years. "We intend to expand it, including paying attention to African swine fever," Andruikaitis concluded.

Source: Belarusian Telegraph Agency (BELTA)