August 28, 2013

WEDA launches new self-catching pen for pigs


WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp, a developer of products for pig farming, have launched SF3, a new self-catching pen created to improve the experience of pig management and reduce maintenance costs.

Based on a new lever technology, the ergonomic construction of the wear-free pen ensures easy access and release by both humans and animals, in comparison to a rocker-type pen.


A barrier-free locking system, which can be released by the sow itself, is incorporated into the design to allow animals to take up feed in a more relaxed manner. The mechanism is installed inside the trough and immediately releases the locking device after a sow enters the pen. Such application will also prevent unwanted entry from other animals.


The SF3 is built with the absence of obstructing pipes in the area of the gate and requires minimum effort for handling. The pen's function is highly customisable for up to twenty sows.


As it is developed to be maintenance-free and does not use mechanical suspensions, a springless SF System means the absence of corrosive parts and reduction in the costs of acquiring spare parts or servicing.

SF3 can be freely employed as a retrofit system for its predecessor, SF1.
SF3 self-catching pen for pigs
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